About us

Tree of Life Doula Services is a dream come true….

It is our dream, ten years in the making, that has slowly come to life. After the birth of my daughter and my first experience with a Doula, I knew that Doula work was important. I wanted to bottle up that empowerment, support, and positivity to give to every birthing person I knew. Slowly over time I gained knowledge, started Doula training, and made my dream a reality. 

It is my goal to provide inclusive, evidence based care for every type of birth and childbirth education that goes above and beyond your local hospital class. I will be there to provide physical support, emotional support, and educational support for you and your growing family. I support all births, whether you birth at home or at the hospital, unmedicated or medicated, cesarean or vaginal. I care that you are supported and respected in whatever you choose for your birth.