We proudly offer childbirth education classes and newborn/postpartum classes that go above and beyond your typical hospital preparation course. 

Our classes are evidence-based, unbiased, and inclusive of all birth preferences. We are not restricted by hospital policy and focus solely on educating YOU to have YOUR best birth.

Learn all of the basics, as well as, evidence-based alternatives to pain relief and common birth practices. We fully support and educate on medicated births (epidurals, nitrous, narcotics), as well as, unmedicated births. We teach a wide range of coping and pain relief techniques. We also offer classes on pregnancy wellness, nutrition, exercise, interventions, newborn care, and postpartum planning. 

Classes can be found in the event section of our Facebook page. In depth information and registration are listed under the individual events for each class. 


You may also reach us via email or phone to inquire about class options!