Welcome to the FAQ. I will try to answer some of the most commonly asked doula interview questions to give you a head start on getting to know more about Tree of Life Doula Services. For more detailed information, please schedule a free 1 on 1 consultation. I would love to chat with you!

1) Are you a certified doula?

This is an excellent question to ask! In the time of covid restrictions, we are seeing most hospitals requiring certification to enter as a doula. I am a certified professional doula and have my credentials ready to present to any hospital for verification.

2) How many clients do you have each month?

At this current time, I only take on 2 clients a month. I am passionate about making sure I have ample time to give each and every client the hands on support they deserve. 

3) Do you work with a back up doula in the event you are unable to attend my birth?

While I have never had to utilize a back up, I do have one available in the event of an emergency that prevents me from attending a birth.

4) Where did you receive your doula training?

I am trained and cross certified by DONA International and ProDoula, the two leading certifying organizations in America. I love DONA’s traditional training, with many years of experience, but appreciate the fresh perspective of ProDoula and their extra education on supporting medicated births. I am also a Advanced VBAC Link trained doula. 

5) What is your birth Philosophy?

My personal birth philosophy and the choices I would make for my own birth get left at home when I am serving YOU and YOUR birth. My desires and choices may not align with yours and that is completely OK. (I detail my own birth experiences in the about me section on the front page.)

My job is to support YOUR birth philosophy and to make sure that you and your decisions are respected and supported above all else. I am trained to help with natural deliveries, medicated deliveries, home births, hospital births, and cesarean births.

5) Where do we meet for consult/prenatals?

When we meet for the first time, I prefer a neutral public location for safety. With Covid restrictions in place I have been scheduling many meetings in parks, outdoor coffee shops and the occasional front porch of the client. The prenatal is more hands on and in depth. For prenatal’s, we usually schedule the meeting at the clients home or a place where they are comfortable practicing positions and relaxation techniques.

6) When will you join me in labor?

I will join you whenever you are having difficulty coping with contractions and are in need of assistance. I ask that you contact me at the first signs of labor and we will then stay in close communication until you request my company. 

7) If my labor exceeds a certain number of hours will you charge me an additional fee?

At this time, I do not charge an extra fee for long labors or restrict my services to a certain amount of hours. Should your labor extend beyond 20 hours, I may need to take a short rest or bring in my backup doula for a time. 

8) Are doulas allowed at my hospital?

Most hospitals in the Chicago region are allowing a CERTIFIED doula and 1 partner. The list is, however, always changing with new data from the Cook County Health Department. A detailed list of all hospitals can be found at the site below.


9) Are you following CDC guideline concerning Covid-19?

Absolutely, yes! Everyone in my household masks and observe social distancing guidelines above and beyond the CDC recommendation. Keeping you (and me) safe is my biggest priority.  I am also COVID vaccinated.

This is a very small sample of the multitude of questions that I cover during a consultation. I recommend potential clients spend some time writing down any question they might want to ask at our appointment. Meeting your (potential) doula and asking questions in person is invaluable to selecting the right doula for you. Your comfort and connection will help you build the trusting and peaceful relationship with your doula that is encouraged to make your birth experience positive and supported.